Seed garlic varieties

We are Dripping Springs Garlic Queens and we grow garlic in the beautiful Texas hill country!

Unfortunately Mother Nature was not on our side last Fall during garlic planting time. The day after we had our
compost delivered, Dripping Springs was inundated with 18 inches of rain in 10 days. Our newly leased acreage
was under water and there was no way to get the rest of our materials and heavy machinery in to build our beds. the rest of the materials have been dropped and we are planning our 2017 season. We planted seed
garlic that's coming along nicely and praying to the garlic gods that 2017 is our best year yet!

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Lorz - An heirloom, artichoke-type softneck brought from Italy around 1850. Most of the
Lorz seed garlic available in America comes from the N.W. The perfect choice for those who
like their garlic hot and spicy, has more heat and better flavor than the other artichoke
varieties. Large, sometimes flat-round bulbs. 12 to19 cloves, not many small interior cloves.
Shilla - Very unusual garlic It has a very strong garlicky flavor with a moderate heat.
In addition to a nice garlickiness they have a distinct undertone to them that strongly reminds
of Dijon mustard, rather similar to Rose du Lautrec, a Creole garlic from the South of France.
They have a strong aftertaste that sticks around for a while.
Sonoran - When you first bite into a clove there is a beautiful musky garlic flavor that
has just enough pungency (hotness) to let you know it is real garlic but not enough to be
offensive so you settle back and enjoy the marvelous flavor. And after a minute or so, the rich
garlickiness is replaced with a smooth warm aftertaste that just makes you feel like life is good.
Nootka Rose - Northwest heirloom makes fine braids! Silky white bulbs conceal
15-24 pink and brown striped cloves with robust flavor. Delicious raw or roasted. Late-season
harvest. Stores 6-8 months.
Inchelium Red - In 1990 Rodale Kitchens, part of the parent organization
of Organic Gardening Magazine, sponsored a garlic tasting contest. Inchelium Red won the
contest; it has medium rich garlickness and medium pungency, or, hotness when eaten raw. On a
scale of 1 to 10 on flavor and taste, it gets a 5 in each category.

Red Toch - This is another garlic variety that was originally from the Republic of
Georgia but this one has a mild taste with very little heat. The inner wrappers have a rosy pink
color of medium thickness and are very easy to peel.
If you like BIG softneck garlic, Red Toch is for you.
Maiskij - Hardneck turban variety with robust pungency. Maiskij is another beautiful
Turban garlic with a rich garlicky flavor that has a robust pungency. Grows well in most of the
USA. Turbans are the very earliest harvesting garlics that store until mid-November and need to
be planted early in the fall. Hardneck variety.

Hard Neck Janice - Red Janice is an Asiatic Turban variety believed to
originate in the Republic of Georgia. The bulb wrappers have purple striping, which can be quite
deep in color, especially on the outer wrappers. This garlic is a bit of a hot one.

Chetz Italian - Originally selected by Chet Stevenson from an abandoned
garden site in Tonasket, Washington in the 1960's. 10 to 20 cloves in 4 clove layers. A good raw
garlic for folks who want garlic flavor without being overpowered, but extreme winter cold makes it
hot, strong, and full flavored. Does not do well when overly wet in last month before harvest.
Burgundy Creole - From U.C. Davis via Horace Shaw in Oregon.
Original source unknown. Deep solid burgundy cloves, 8 to 12 cloves per bulb. Very striking
medium to large bulbs. Clove tips not elongated like other Creole strains and the colors are
darker. Excellent sweet flavor.
Labera Purple Creole - From Andalusia district of Spain via R.
Hannan. Takes a very distinctive form. Often sweet tasting and long storing. Will perform best in
mild winter climates and southern locations.

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